The fighting lasted one week.

There is no man but loves himself.


Seeing those tasks, I did not feel the burden.

Kerry goes to work at 7:30.

Starbuck wanted to come.


He lifted a side of the board.

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I don't mind sleeping on the couch.

I go to church every day.

Benson must've found out about the party from Leora.

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Nothing I do lately seems to turn out right. I'm losing confidence in myself.

I wouldn't do that if I were you.

Why are you wearing that?

Do you know how to use a word processor?

The movie was too long.

Do you know baseball?

My car is out of gas.

Wasn't it supposed to rain?

Stop pressuring me.

Tell them that there was someone here looking for them.

I hope this letter finds you in good health.

Mitchell hasn't been living here long.

You didn't eat all that chocolate I bought, did you?


Reinhard isn't violent.

Some strategic panning helped his mixes sound fuller.

I remember it as if it were yesterday.

Wilmer never would've done that.

The team that the players hate to play against is Galatasaray.

A pleasant trip to you!

Let's see if our cars have enough gas.


Have you eaten supper yet?

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Shakil is a food critic.

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Partnership and cooperation among nations is not a choice; it is the one way, the only way, to protect our common security and advance our common humanity.


I'm very proud of my father.

It is man's destiny to suffer.

Please give me one more shot.

When was the last time you broke your glasses?

If the rental period is extended beyond the agreed period, it shall be calculated a prorated rent.


Raymond will catch us.

You're doing a good job so far.

The supreme treasure is knowledge, the middle treasure is children, and the lowest treasure is material wealth.

They don't have any deep convictions.

It is possible that you have already read this book.

As soon as he reached home, Geppetto took his tools and began to cut and shape the wood into a marionette.

Because he's sick, he can't come.


Ron is in great danger.

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The last thing I want to do is butt in.

He speaks English like a native.

What should we do if he comes late?

Phill is much closer to his mother than he is to his father.

I'm not gonna lie to you.

I want to speak to you about Cindie.

You drive me nuts!

Can you keep an eye on her?

How about we hang together on the weekend? What do you say?


Drunk driving is a crime.

That's one question I haven't been able to answer.

Let's wait an hour.


He's an author.


His arm brushed against mine.

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I made a bad call.

I'm probably going to have to leave work a little early today.

Those served a three-year prison term.

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Rain formed pools in the hollow spaces on the rocks.


Everything was better in the past.

I have this briefcase in a different color.

Sandra says he's not going.

Cut your nails.

I can't believe Joon never told Devon about John.

You're so big.

I feel really confident.

I lived in Algiers for over a year.

Alan likes porn.


Maybe we shouldn't have stayed in Boston so long.


Michelle said Anthony would call.

There are two bottles of red wine on this picture.

Dirk hurried toward the elevator.

My children are all in perfect health.

Can you handle the truth?

Joshua will leave in a few days.

I knew Pierette didn't care about Penny.

I'm so glad I had a class last night because it was awesome!

I have big dreams.

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All you have to do is apologize for being late.

Although she studied hard, she did not succeed in the examination.

You should turn off the mobile phone.

We all believe in something.

I don't know why you're making such a fuss over this.

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Dan planned to buy an island in Canada.

I got up an hour earlier than usual.

It had rained for many days, and the road was so muddy that, at times, Pinocchio sank down almost to his knees.


Is this bag yours or his?


Raymond deserves to win.

You have no idea who that is, do you?

Do you think I'm to blame?

So the pigeon can feel the magnetic field on its head, but it can't feel the Earth's magnetic field.

Due to the intense sunlight, his back was sunburnt.

During the final days the weather was infernally hot.

I know you're afraid of snakes.

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We have equipped our office with computers.

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You've underestimated me.

Did you see Elliot's reaction when she saw the spider?

Can I sit with them?


...and sent forth the dove; and she returned not again unto him any more.

Pitawas is from a rural area.

It isn't worth it.

At the time of the incident, Jem was in his office.

I can assure you of his reliability.


What he said doesn't apply in this situation.

The police are looking into the murder case.

Mac is afraid of people who are more likely to be victims of violence at the hands of the majority than perpetrators of violence against it.

He was exhausted.

Half the suspects were white.

They passed me by.

Lord and I are best friends.

He told me to wash my face.

Not a word to anyone, please.

Patricia is a crony capitalist.

The baby is playing with some toys.

I don't know exactly what to say.

It looks pretty good.


That he is in love with her is true.

He is qualified to be a lawyer.

I have back problems.

Could you make sure Saqib remembers to bring a swimsuit?

You had better leave at once.

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We want to see the newborn when he is wide awake.

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How dared you marry my daughter without my consent?

We commended him for his good work.

It makes me jealous.

You're the person in charge.

Do you have a crush on her?

You're not going to tell anyone, right?

I'm trying to rest.

I'm a pretty good student.

Oh, that the Lord would guide my ways.

She held her baby in her arms.

Turkey is the heir of Ottoman Empire.

How can I manage to finish on time?

How come you didn't do it?

Takayuki was just trying to be funny.

Is this jacket right for me?

She showed up at the party looking like a million dollars.

How beautiful my sewn drapes are.


I barely escaped getting caught.


I love him... I think.

No, he's not my new boyfriend.

I can't believe Monty made that kind of mistake.


Our streets flood when it rains.

Do you like your hot dog?

This is the window broken by John.

Are you closer to your mother or to your father?

If you mention New Year in China, the image that many people will think of is a family gathered around wrapping dumplings together.

There was nothing wrong with your car.

It's OK to cry.

You're unfair.

Charles promised he'd go to bed as soon as he finished his homework.

Let's get back to our sheep!

Is today Monday?

I have a son.

I didn't buy the book.

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He came to see me in a different way.

Where is Canberra?

It might be because I am near-sighted, but I can't read or write if my desk is not in a brightly lit place.

When I came to the school, there was nobody there anymore.

I'll call him when I get there.